Connection Design

Pragmatic provides connection design service to our clients through our engineering partners in multiple countries and assure a timely delivery!

There are very few companies in the industry that offer Connection Design Services as well as Steel Detailing as a single package. We work closely with steel fabricators, construction managers, and erectors to create a detailed look at how every steel piece will be connected.

Steel connection design is a vital part of any steel structure. Without secure, accurately crafted connections, the structure simply lacks the durability and weight tolerance necessary to stand safe. Pragmatic will provide you with accurate models of these steel structures and connections.

Significant Values have been added by Including Design Services, faster turnaround, Greater coordination, High quality, less RFI’s, and at a cheaper price. In house shop drawings review, revision control, dedicated mapping plans to input the detailer, enhanced greater productivity. Great repository has been built for our repeat use, and to implement your detailing / shop standards in to our designs has made the process Qualitative and effective.