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About Company

Our Vision is to be the best engineering solutions company that offers services globally. We aim to give full support in the betterment of our employees, as we believe strong individuals make up stable institutions. We look forward to setting an example of a professional yet passionate institution by looking into the needs of society and taking upon us a certain amount of social responsibility. These values are taken seriously and we strive to uphold it.

Our mission is to design and build what you desire, by taking into account the various factors that are involved in putting up a building. We want to make sure our clients get the best in terms of engineering solutions, be it verifying an idea or giving advice for projects. Our team scrutinizes every aspect in order to ensure there is perfection at every stage.

Our clients will be given the best there is to offer. Out team of experts analyze, discuss, research, investigate and do all it takes to study a project. Every detail is given adequate attention and scrutiny, pros and cons weighed, before we come up with a solution and advice. This is to ensure our services are beneficial to our client, while at the same time preserving the client’s ideas and vision. We deliver on time, give importance to creativity and innovation, comply with guidelines, follow strict professional ethics and ensure our services meet international standards. All these are done in a very cost effective manner.

Pragmatic Technical Services provides topnotch Structural Steel Detailing and Engineering solutions with over 350+ years of combined experience. An exceptional team of professionals with expertise in their respective fields and well versed in AISC, CISC, NISD, AWS, OSHA and other Standard Industry Practices.

From designing to building, they give their best to ensure that a project is executed to perfection. Our team has worked on more than 150 projects with varying capacities. Power plants, Stadiums, Conveyors, Hospitals and Schools are a few examples of projects we have worked on. We engage the SDS/2 and Tekla software for detailing.

We look forward to expanding globally and work on a wider range of projects. With technology improving every minute, we are proud to say that we keep up with the latest trends by updating our equipment and software on a regular basis.

Pragmatic technical services has formed specifically to export high quality structural steel detailing services and miscellaneous steel detailing services for steel detailers, steel fabricators, steel erectors and construction firms.

….We are experts in solving your Complex Engineering with our young and creative technical team who is available 24/7 for assuring you a quality output