Structural Steel Detailing

Our 100% expert team of detailers can handle projects of any size and complexity. We specialize in large, complex steel structures like stadiums, bridges, and hospitals!

Pragmatic Technical Services provides structural steel detailing services to fabricators globally. All detailing is done in house with a quality-driven and detailed approach. Utilizing the latest technology and BIM software allows our detailing services to help your project be successful.

We strive to detail connections that are cost effective to fabricate and erector friendly in the field. SDS/2 andĀ Tekla Structures is used for all of our detailing projects and is essential to providing quality 3-D models as well as CNC downloads. Because we understand the importance of CNC downloads, we work with each fabricator to customize our details and output to fit the needs of their shop.

All detailing is done in-house. Most of all, we believe in delivering quality shop drawings and erection plans and all work is checked thoroughly before it is issued. Checkers work to ensure compliance with the structural drawings, architectural drawings and applicable equipment cut sheets.